Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. In 2017, he could win the presidency of one of the strongest and most influential countries in the world. Donald Trump is the first president, in history of America, who could achieve this goal without any political or military background. Donald was able to reach the highest level of the world in his 70 decade. But this was not his first success. Trump has done many unbelievable works in his lifetime over and over again.

Donald has gone through many ups and downs in his life and has achieved many successes. Donald is son of a rich man. After taking the kingdom of his father, Donald made this rich kingdom a great empire and had a huge effect on his father’s business. After graduating from the university and taking over the father’s business, he developed the $ 100 million capital of his family into several billion dollars and also added reputation to the family wealth.

But behind all of these successes is a great retreat and contempt. For psychoanalyzing Donald Trump and entering into his unconscious world, we must first look at his childhood and the conditions in which he have been grown up, in order to understand his personality and the way he thinks.

Donald Trump was born in New York in 1946. His grandfather was a rural German who migrated from Germany to the United States in 1885 when he was 16 years old and in 1892 he won American citizenship. His grandmother was a European immigrant, too. His grandfather’s name was Frederick. When he had come to Germany to visit his relatives and village, he met a girl from his own country, Elizabeth. After marriage, he returned to the United States in 1902. He died of influenza in 1918.

Donald Trump’s father was born in 1905. His name was “Fred”. Fred Tramp at the age of fifteen, shortly after his father’s death, started working with his mother at the father’s real estate company. Donald Trump’s grandfather was an example of a successful immigrant who could come to America at a young age, and after a little, he could gain a remarkable wealth by opening a restaurant, inn, brothel, and real estate companies. Donald Trump’s grandfather, at the time of his death, had a fortune of $ 31,000, almost equal to more than $ 500,000, now. Donald’s father, after entering the world of business, at the age of 15, with the father’s estate management, founded the company Elizabeth Trump and Son in 1923. The young Fred was a successful businessman, like his father, and he could sell thousands of building, apartments, shops and shopping centers. In 1936, Fred Trump married a Scottish girl, Marie, and had five children. His first child was a girl named Mariana and the second child was a son named Frederick and the third one was a girl, Elizabeth and the fourth one was a boy, Donald and the last one was a son, Robert.

Donald Tramp’s father died of a pulmonary disease in 1999 at the age of 93 and his mother died in 2000 at the age of 88. When Trump’s father died, his fortune was over than three hundred million dollars.

Donald Trump was born in a family whose main concept and prominent element in life was struggling to succeed and fighting for a better life. Both his father and grandfather had always worked and were constantly struggling to achieve a better life. As a result, Trump’s primary psychological structure was shaped by effort. But the success in his family was the cause of his mental disorders. Because his psychological system, on the other hand, was humiliated by comparing himself to his father and grandfather, and on the other hand, he proved to be narcissistic by confirming his successes through attributing those achievements to himself.

Donald Trump’s primary psychological core was formed in the context of humiliation caused by the comparison of himself with his grandfather and dad, and in the future, he began his all-out efforts to suppress his feeling of humiliation, and has always been in the struggle to prove his adequacy. He was the fourth child, and the difference of 9 years with older children made him psychologically feel himself in the midst of several parents. So, he always felt to be under control, and thus always trying to overcome it. In all his life, he has always tried to control others, and when he sees himself in control of others or situations, he reveals passive aggressive behaviors.

His older sister was studying Judgment and later became a judge. His bigger brother couldn’t focus on family business due to alcohol and drugs abuse. Another sister was not interested in running the affairs. So, the young Donald is in charge of running the affairs. At the age of 13, Trump was sent to the military school, and later he studied Economy at university. Straight walking, body elongation, order and severity are memories of school time and its policies. Trump, who has always loved to be like his grandfather and dad, has endorsed them for their successes, adds the family business in the halfway of the university and brings a lot of fortune to the family in a short time. Due to his many efforts, he eventually took over the ownership of Elizabeth Trump and Son Company in 1972. Very soon after the acquisition of ancestral company, due to the existence of an inferiority complex in the core of his psychological system, he decided to change the name of the company Elizabeth Trump and the son which was the memorial of the success of his grandfather and father. Thus, he attempted to conceal his inner contempt against his grandfather and dad. Ultimately, because of the sense of narcissism that had emerged from the central nucleus of humiliation, he chose the name “Trump” for the company. By doing so, he hide his humiliation complex as well as sharing himself in the family success. By choosing the name of his family, he exacerbates the psychological connections with the past generation, and places himself in the position of the grandfather, whom he always praises.

Donald Trump both changed the name of the company and married in the same year (1972). Donald reiterated his central psychological pattern in his marriage, and by choosing a Czech Model, he again attempted to put himself in the mythology position of his father. Her mother and grandmother were both European and immigrant, and he also unconsciously re-enacted the same mechanism in his marriage and chose a Czech Model that reminded him of his mother and grandmother. He married her, and by doing so, he put himself once again in the position of his childhood heroes.

Donald divorced from his first wife. He re-married that didn’t last again, and then re-married for the third time. At this time, he married a European immigrant again. It seems that the inner structure of his psychic system leaves no room for him, save his mothers’ image, and does not allow him to live, but in his fathers’ frame. It also forces him to always seek for the image of his mother in his beloved, like a person with an Oedipal Complex, and to put himself, as a child, in the father’s place. And this attempt for gaining the father’s place, unconsciously leads to the increase of psychological mechanisms such as regression and compensation. In fact, the constant and unconscious use of these two psychological mechanisms, compensation and regression, is the reason for the existence of a humiliation complex in him. The presence of this complex in his mental structure, leads to the formation of chronic narcissism. As always, in all stages of life, he has tried to prove himself, and he has always tried to make great achievements in various fields.

For example, he started writing books, making television programs, and eventually applying for the US presidency. But in all these stages, his main goal has always been to satisfy the narcissism and conceal the humiliation complex. His behavior demonstrates his constant effort to prove his ability to his spiritual fathers, and to create an equilibrium between the superego and nature. Indeed, for this reason, he has no affiliation to any system of value or system of thought, and in his political life, he has repeatedly changed his party and moved from the Reformist party to the Democratic Party and eventually to the Republican one because in his superego only grandfather and father have been sitting. So, there is no place for other thoughts and values.

When we look at Donald Trump’s life, the first thing we find is that he always strive to complete and enhance the work of his grandfather and father. For instance, he changed grandfather’s inns to hotels and houses, and his father’s apartments into skyscrapers and towers. Even at the time of enjoyment, he tries to imitate the grandfather’s and father’s system of pleasure.

For example, his grandfather was interested in the diversity of sexual relationships. So, he opened a brothel. Donald Trump followed the same path as a coexistence, and by opening the casinos he is trying to repeat the behaviors of the grandfather. But due to the inner competition with them, he has turned the brothels into casinos, on the other hand, he tries to imitate his grandfather’s pleasure system via diversity in sexual relationships. In all marriages, he has chosen spouses who are models or actresses. Eventually he goes on up to buying the programs such as the Miss United States and the Miss World to upgrade his pleasure system, which was a heritage from grandfather, and to prove his ability again and hide the contempt and narcissism complex, which has covered his entire unconscious and even appoints his pleasure in bed. In spite of all these disruptions, Trump has a proper look, so that he always looks cool at all times. He always walk very firmly. He has never been used to drinking or smoking. When he entered into The White House, after been examined by doctor, based on the White House tradition, the results of accurate medical procedure proved the physical health and well-being of him.

In fact, the lack of drinking and smoking is rooted in his narcissism. Because he does not want to harm himself as a selfish person. On the other hand, he wants everything to be under the control of him, and he does not want to be in control of smoking or alcohol. In fact, while drinking alcohol, one would lose his control or a smoker might always be addicted to smoking. In fact, an autonomous person is not at all willing to situations that take control of his own hands. Therefore, Trump is not interested in unhealthy lifestyle. On the other hand, he saw his brother’s death due to the high consumption of alcohol and drugs, and he was not at all willing to be in the position of his brother, because he has always followed his grandfather and his father and considered them as his own idol.

Donald Trump’s body language is an affirmation of narcissism and a desire to control, and ultimately a humiliation complex in the underlying layers of his mental system. Walking calmly and rhythmic implies the phrase “everything is under my control.” Using hands while speaking in a way that he points to the audience and the use of the OK mark (touching index finger and thumb while opening three other fingers) is the sign of self-confidence and controlling the situation.

The permanent and semi-perceptible frown and his head position during his speech, speak of his inner fear of the audience disagreement. By this unconscious mimic, he controls his fear of affecting by the audience, as well as discharging his underlying and subconscious anxiety. He also wants to build a defensive wall opposite the audience in order them not dare to oppose him. The way he shakes hands to others, particularly the leaders of other countries, suggests the existence of a contempt complex that he has struggled with in his subconscious mind. By applying too much pressure on their hands and pulling then towards himself, he attempts to escape from being under control. It also shows a compensatory mechanism. In fact, he want to compensate his inherent inability in politics, which is in fact the inner core of the rebellious complex created by comparison with his grandfather, and has always reminded him of being behind him despite all the achievements.

This unfinished inner war and the struggle of his subconscious layers are always evident in his words. He always states that the past has had more successes and victories, so he has even chosen the slogan “Makes America Great Again.” A slogan that reflects the depth of his inner look in the past, where his grandfather is waiting for him, when everything was better for him.

In fact, as I said before, Donald Trump’s defense mechanisms consist of reversibility and compensation. He has always benefited from these two psychological mechanisms to control his contempt complex. In marriage, he used the returning or resilience mechanism and re-selected her mother, and with the help of the compensation mechanism, he transferred the mental image of his mother to the final pleasure position and thus made it a model. Or he has turned the grandfather’s brothels into luxurious casinos by using the reversible and compensatory mechanism. Or he has turned the father’s houses into big towers and skyscrapers.

His behavior in American foreign and domestic politics is also an evidence for the existence of inherent contempt and narcissism complex. The signing of political documents in his own way reveals the complexity of his humiliation and narcissism. When we look at the way he signs, we clearly see the initial speed when writing his name, which is due to the lack of interest in himself in his subconscious mind. It is as if he wants to pass quickly from Donald’s part and deny it. But, when it comes to the word Trump, the speed of the hand is reduced and the pressure on the pen increases, indicating the honor of his family name, and in fact, his past. It seems as if the pressure on the pen contains a confirmation of the word Trump and simultaneously the evacuation of the inner anxiety caused by confronting his grandfather, and at the end, his great signature is a reason for narcissism, and then showing it to everyone and the cameras is his chronic narcissism approval. It is as if he wants to make sure everyone has seen and confirmed him. In fact, the desire for the plurality of sexual partners, itself, reflects his narcissism. Because a narcissist wants to publish his gene everywhere to make the world full of himself, indeed, the multiplicity of his children is another reason for this claim.

His overuses of the Twitter messenger system are also testimony to narcissism and his contempt complex. On the other hand, he confirms his old thoughts, which all the news and television networks are liars, because he shows that I am still standing on my word and instead of interviewing, I tweet. Because if I interview, I break my word and humiliate myself, something I have always suffered from. I only interview when I have to be interviewed and at other times, I prefer to be an informer myself. On the other hand, he shows that I am more important than all networks and media, and there is no need for anyone to bring my voice to the people, because my voice is clearer than all sounds.

Finally, I would like to add this point that Trump is a very dangerous leader, especially for his opponents, due to the complexity of humiliation and chronic narcissism. Because of his chronic narcissism, he does not want to leave his words and promises abortive. He is ready to finish his work at any cost. On the one hand, his promises are reminiscent of the promises he made in his childhood to act like his grandfather and father. Not being faithful to them creates anxiety at the subconscious level and is a symbol of unfaithfulness to them. That’s why if he starts something, he must finish it.

On the other hand, because of suffering from the humiliation, he does not endure any external humiliations, and against external humiliations, he shows a behavior that is full of violence, but in a calm manner. For this reason, humiliating him could be the most dangerous work, as it activates his inner mechanism and he attacks unconsciously in order to compensate the damage. His calm appearance makes a misunderstanding that he is not thinking of an attack, while he is actually preparing for revenge. We must remember that he, as a narcissist, does not tolerate any form of humiliation in front of others, especially in front of the eyes of his grandfather, who is now his supermodel.

But on the other hand, he considers himself a successful person in communicating, even though he has written a book called The Art of Negotiation, and has always stated that “I know about negotiation.” This can be the gateway to communicate with him. In that way, he has always said that “I am ready to negotiate.” So, we can reach to mutual points with him in this way. Because, as I said before, it is only important for him to be approved, not the rules and value systems or even policies.

As a result, he can easily change his position and policy towards other states, and it is enough to confirm his behaviors and actions so that he opens doors of negotiation and reveals everything you want easily. As a result, the solution to enter into Donald Trump’s unconscious mind and control him and turn him into a confident friend is to confirm his accomplishments in politics and economics, and in fact, to increase his feeling of narcissism. And the solution to turning him into a dangerous enemy is to strengthen the humiliation complex and to force him to use reciprocating mechanisms to evacuate unconscious anxiety. Consequently, according to the provided analysis, I think that the continuation of stimulating his humiliation by politicians would trigger an outbreak of anger that could put the country in a deadly war.

Author : Dr. Amin Hosseini